Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Every interaction is with a potential customer

Today I had to schedule a pickup of a FedEx package (being paid for by Dell, as it was a return of a defective DVD drive). The FedEx automated system online as well as over the phone require you to have a FedEx account in order to schedule a pickup. By the time I was being transferred to speak to a live person, I had no idea if they even would pick up the package. When I spoke to the real live person, they were very helpful and scheduled the pickup without problems, but the whole experience left me with the impression that FedEx would not be a good choice for a shipping company. I don't make that decision now, but I may in the future, and FedEx might have lost a customer simply because they didn't care enough about interactions with people who are not current customers.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JavaFX backwards compatability

Interesting to see that JavaFX isn't very finicky about backwards compatibility. Quite a contrast from Java. This tells me that it isn't very popular. I still haven't found a good Business toolkit for it.